My Shaldan Air Fresheners

Made from natural substance extract called Limonene

The My Shaldan is a high-quality, air freshener that is made from natural peel extracts, called limonene.
Because of these natural substances, the My Shaldan emits a naturally refreshing fragrance that is strong enough and yet not overwhelming.


Extracted from natural fruits

  • check iconMade from natural citrus peel extracts
  • check iconExtracted from natural citrus fruits
  • check iconEmits a naturally refreshing fragrance
  • check iconRefreshing up to 8 weeks

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The story behind our product

Made from natural extracts

The My Shaldan is high-quality, gel-type air freshener that is made from natural citrus peel extracts from fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes. These are then processed and separated into single strength juice and peel oil. These extracted oil is Limonene which emits a naturally refreshing citrus fragrance that is strong enough to freshen a whole car or van yet is not overwhelming.


500 pieces of oranges in one can

The limonene oil quantity in one piece of My Shaldan air freshener is equivalent to more than 500 pieces of oranges.* This makes the My Shaldan one of the highest quality air fresheners in the market today.
*Actual lemonene is extracted from various kind of citrus fruits, and this quantity is converted to calculated quantity based on average content in a 200g/pc orange.


Variety of Fragrances

The My Shaldan is available in a variety of fragrances:
Apple, Herb, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Peach, Squash, and Sweet Gardenia.


Global Sales of 60.8 Million Pieces

The My Shaldan air fresheners is manufactured by S.T. Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of household products in Japan, and is sold in countries worldwide with a global sales of over 60.8 million pieces.


"I really like this are freshener, it smells great and last longer than the cheap ones you get at the gas station. People that get into my car really like the smell and say it's not too overpowering or chemical like. I bought the singles but will order them in bulk from now on."

Tony Aon - Verified Amazon Purchase

"I took a chance buying something labeled as "squash". The fragrance is citrus and lasts a long time. I'm very happy with this purchase."

Deuceron - Verified Amazon Purchase

"The My Shaldan Squash Air Freshener provides a fresh long lasting scent perfect for any car. The smell seems to be much more prominent when the temperature is warm in the car, so it will last longer in colder climates but smell stronger in warmer climates. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who want their car to smell awesome!"

Trevor Haytonon - Verified Amazon Purchase

"The smell is great, Its actually a very subtle squash smell as compared to the Air Spencer one. If you are looking for the Air Spencer Smell but a little milder and a whole lot cheaper you will def be happy with this Air Freshener!"

isthisvickon - Verified Amazon Purchase

"The longest lasting and best smelling air freshener EVER!!!!!!! It has been in in my car for over 3 months ans still smells like the day I put in it!!!"

Jesse Yarrussoon - Verified Amazon Purchase

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